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165: 'Clean Sweep'
Vintage Honolulu Broom Factory Product Label, ca 1935. The origins of this charming label were vague and begged the question if this was a product sold only locally, or would it have appealed to Mainlanders for its exotic origins? Imagine, a Forties' housewife with curlers must certainly have pictured herself with her 'hula broom' in a grass skirt and little else... While contemplating this idea, we suddenly happened upon Honolulu Broom Factory brooms at the local Longs Drugs store. The Honolulu Broom Factory was founded in 1923, the logo designed in 1935, and the brooms are still being produced by hand in a small factory in Honolulu. Don't you love it when history comes alive?
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Vintage Honolulu Broom Factory Product Labelhawaiian product label poster